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 🌕 Using Crystals to Manifest Abundance - August 2017 🌕

Happy Full Moon Babe!

For August 2017 the Aquarius Full Moon occurs with a partial lunar eclipse, visible on the Eastern parts of the world. On August 21st 2017 the New Moon will result in a Total Eclipse of the moon that will be visible from many parts of the United States.
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August's Full Moon is commonly known as the Sturgeon Moon for the fish found in the American Great Lakes. Other Indian tribes named it according to the crops that became ripe at this time of summer such as the Corn Moon, Fruit Moon and Grain Moon.

Inside this full moon's teacher interview Stephanie Bellinger shares a special money manifesting ritual with us that you can do on the full moon or the new moon, you may want to have these things handy....

  • A candle (green if possible)
  • Pen and paper
  • Palo santo (or sage)
  • Essential oil (cinnamon if possible)
  • Your favorite crystal (citrine or pyrite if possible)

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