How to Find Your Personal Brand Niche So You Stand Out in Your Industry

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It’s pretty clear that successful people and businesses don’t just do or sell whatever they feel like day to day.  The best brands decide what they will be known for and stick with it, that is, they have a clear niche. Finding a niche that is uniquely yours and that is also profitable is the key to having a successful personal brand.

What exactly is a niche?

A niche is simply a specialized market. It is defined as “a place, employment status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted”. Travel is not a niche, it is an industry, topic or category. However, Traveling on a Budget for Post College Grads is a niche.

The term personal brand and niche are often used interchangeably but there is a distinct difference between the terms. I go into depth here on exactly what a personal brand is, but in short, your personal brand is the representation of the intersection of who you are (the authentic you), the value you deliver to your target market (niche), and the differentiation between you and your competitors who may be serving the same niche.

“Won't finding a niche limit my potential reach?”

No, no no! Finding your niche always seems limiting at first but in reality, the opposite is true because it will make you much more effective. You want to be the best in a small field so that you stand out. It is impossible to be everything to everyone or an expert on everything. You must embrace the need to specialize and find your market, aka find your niche. It will be so much easier to create content, do marketing, make sales or even to land your dream job. Pick a specific area you want to be great at and claim it!

How do I find MY personal brand niche?

1. Brainstorm all of your ideas into three lists (don’t hold any ideas back here) 

  • List your demographics,

  • List all your skills, knowledge and training

  • List all your passions or things you are obsessed with

2. Evaluate your lists.

Can you combine any two together to create a unique niche? Some examples are two passions or a passion with a skill or even a skill combined with specialized knowledge. Or you can add a qualifier to something on your list such as “for ambitious women” or “for sports fans”. The qualifier can even be taken from your own demographics, this can help you find an area you are knowledgeable about because of your own experience

3. Answer the following questions to help you narrow it down:

  • Do you have any connections, advantages or existing content you can repurpose for this niche?

  • Which idea would you be able to outline at least 10-20 pieces of content about?

  • Can you be a fresh face in this niche using your passions and knowledge?

  • Can you identify 3-10 other people in this niche? (that means there is an existing market!)

  • Are there any barriers to starting right away?

4. Now pick the low hanging fruit.

What is the idea you can start quickly with the resources you already have?  What is the easiest idea given your time, money and resources?


Pick a niche that lights you up and makes you stay up at night. Don’t pick purely on profitability. Ask yourself, what do you want to become a master in that your audience also wants??

Remember, the only way to stand out is to embrace your uniqueness. The thing that makes you a little weird is also probably the thing that will be the most attractive in your niche.  Vague is not an option. Broad is the enemy.  Always be refining and narrowing your focus to discover what works best for you.  

What is your niche? Leave me a comment and let me know if you have any questions! 

To learn all the steps (like finding a clear niche) to creating an abundant personal brand download my checklist below.