How To Find Your Calling ..... and Confidently Follow Your Calling!

How To Find Your Calling ..... and Confidently Follow Your Calling

I started out this blog with various frameworks, questions and systems to help you uncover your calling (which are out there if you want….all you have to do is google “find my calling”) but I found that what wanted to come out was more poetic and prose felt more appropriate here.

And the funny thing is…this deliver method is different for me, and a bit more vulnerable, but feels somehow closer to alignment with my own calling as well! (which, as I've shared recently, is what I've been striving for these days!).

After all your calling has more to do with inspiration than framework….

Your unique calling actually can’t be broken down into a system or a checklist...

Calling is a nudge, a persistent idea and deeper knowing. 

It’s dropping the mind, the calculations, the strategy and the plan and going with your gut. 

Calling resides in the body, the heart, the belly, the fingers and the toes. It’s goosebumps, buzzing and tingles.

It’s a dream that always comes back when ignored. 

Your calling is the heart of the matter.

The truth is….it’s not found, it’s simply the next best step for you in this moment, the step that you know deep down must be taken…

…and the confidence to follow your calling can only be found through courageous action… it’s in taking that step for yourself right NOW. 

It’s not a destination or a grand purpose you can easily label. 

It has more to do with acting on moment-to-moment intuition 

So you don’t actually have to find it because it finds you and it’s always in you.

It’s there when things go wrong to lead you back on track and there when things go right to give you more momentum. 

It’s a call to something better or a last straw of something gone wrong. 

You’ll resist the work it takes and doubt the person you must become…. but that’s also your sign you’re on the right track. 

A calling is divine acceptance of truth and surrender to a higher power. 

It must be done and will not be ignored. 

It’s found in both tremendous joy and terrible sorrow. 

It’s not found in your job title but in your vision, your heart and the intention of your soul 

It’s inside the passion, the work, the drive and the flow. 

Following your calling isn’t mulling it over or waiting for the right time but doing the damn thing. 

Calling is pure motivation

It’s personal but it’s not for you, it’s for them, whoever you’re them is 

A calling is contribution beyond yourself that unlocks strength, stamina and courage you didn’t know you had 

To pursue your calling is to look back on a life without regrets

Your calling is yours alone 

No none can follow their calling and express it in the exact way you can

You’re the one shot this world has 

So, what’s calling you today?

Now get up and go do it already 

I'd love to know your thoughts! Do you have a calling? Did this inspire you to think differently about it? Which line hit home the most for you and why? Leave me a comment below! :)