How To Listen to Your Heart

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Here's the thing, building your abundant brand based on generosity, making a difference and living in alignment with your highest purpose requires a lot of heart!

There are bound to be times that your mind will come in and trip you up with why you should take the shiny new offer, or a reason you can't take inspired action, or that you don't deserve what you desire or even a list of what you "should" do instead. No one is immune to these moments.

In these moments, to move forward in a powerful way, it is essential to listen to the message that is coming from deep within your heart.

If you agree and want to know how to listen to that message, or especially if this all sounds a little cliche or fickle to you, there are some profound scientific facts about your heart that you will benefit from knowing.

As it turns out listening to your heart makes total sense from a physiological level and there is a simple way you can start to listen to the wisdom of your heart right away.

Here is what the scientific research has shown*.....

  • In the body, the heart sends more signals communicating to the brain then the brain does to the heart so technically your heart is the official director of your brain not the other way around

  • The heart has a complex neural network extensive enough to officially be called a heart- brain

  • The heart's electrical field is about 60x greater in amplitude than the brains', 100x greater in strength and can be detected up to 3 feet away from the body in all directions

  • When the heart and mind are in sync we are more self-secure, aligned with our deeper core values and respond to stressful situations with increased resilience and inner balance

  • Alignment between the brain and the heart is associated with improved decision-making, creativity, listening ability and reaction times

Now, those are some facts worth pondering when thinking about how to make choices, choose your direction and align with true purpose.

How do you know if your heart and brain are in sync or in alignment? And how exactly then can you begin to listen to your heart?

The term “Coherence” is used by scientists to describe a highly efficient physiological state in which the following systems, nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal and immune, are all working efficiently and harmoniously.

When you are in a coherent state, your thoughts and emotions are balanced and you experience ease and inner harmony. This is when you have access to the intuition and intelligence within your own heart-brain.

To begin listening to your heart you must first induce a state of coherence. This will help you activate and self-regulate thoughts and emotions so you can access coherence and connect to the messages deep within your heart.

The more you practice these four steps the more you will begin to experience the results of that access in your thoughts, choices and actions:

STEP 1: Shift your awareness to your heart, resting right in the center of your chest

STEP 2: Slow down your breathing so it's deeper and longer allowing the relaxation response to settle into your body

STEP 3: To the best of your ability feel a rejuvinating feeling such as gratitude, caring, appreciation, compassion for anyone or anything (this begins to sync the heart and brain into coherence, allow yourself to cultivate this feeling fully)

STEP 4: Ask your heart intelligence a brief, specific question

STEP 5: Listen to your body and make note of any sensations, words or messages that come up

That's it! It's simple, yet profound. Give it a try and leave a comment for me here with a message from your heart! What message is your heart telling you today? Will you listen?

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*All scientific facts and processes here are taken from Science of the Heart Volume 2; Research conducted by HeartMath Institute