How to Start Getting Visible Online; 50+ Authentic Visibility Tactics

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One of the most important aspects of creating an authentic lifestyle WHILE making an impact is being willing to be seen.

In marketing and branding it’s called getting visible. In life it’s called being vulnerable.

And it’s all about pouring your heart into something that means the world to you and then sharing it and having no guarantee anyone will get it or it will turn into what you hope.

One of my greatest personal challenges on my entrepreneurial path has been getting visible. There were days when I would make a post or send out an email and then proceed to curl up in a ball for the rest of the day sure that everyone hated me for it.

Yup, it’s been a long journey for me.

But now I simply create a strategy that I follow and ignore all the noise in my head and follow my heart and my plan….and do my best to have fun along the way.

I have come a long way but I’m still not perfect. There are still days I worry obsessively about what other people think and what is going to happen but most days I just focus on creating and giving.

I do my best to live by this Andy Warhol quote….

“Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

Based on my decade of experience in my journey to visibility, I created a list of 10 ways of being that can support you in getting visible online while you are developing and growing your personal brand. Throughout these “ways of being” there are also more than 50 actionable and authentic strategies you can implement today:


I know I risk the chance of sounding like your Mother here, “Just be yourself, honey and everyone will love you”. But for real, the more authentically YOU that you are, the better chance you have of being seen and heard by the “right” people. Plus it’s so much easier than trying to be someone you aren’t. Be yourself and be where you are NOW in your journey.


  1. Don’t censor or put on an act in any of your work

  2. Be real and flawed, share your true journey, mistakes, insecurities and all

  3. Capture and share your authentic environment not the polished version


Consistency will push you to the next level. You must be consistent in your message and in your marketing efforts. Keep putting yourself out there is the same consistent way each and every day and eventually you will hit a tipping point in your visibility efforts.


  1. Have a branded website with a consistent message and visual identity

  2. Start a blog and write consistently

  3. Make all your social sites point to your website, consistently lead people back to your main hub

  4. Make a branded email signature and update it with your current offer each month

  5. Create a content strategy so that your content marketing isn't scattered and haphazard


Stay in action and don’t be afraid to say what you really think and what is really happening with you behind the scenes. Authenticity and vulnerability are bold and they will help your visibility more than any marketing strategy.


  1. Foster a positive, growth mindset and stop caring about what others think of you

  2. Take a stand for what you believe is right or true

  3. Get clear on your unique message, stop regurgitating the same information out there and focus on your differentiator

  4. Create a visual identity and brand style guide that is unmistakably YOU


Show up with value and solutions. People will notice you and respect you if you help them solve a legitimate problem they are facing. Being genuinely helpful will help to attract people and opportunities into your life. Give to others without expectation of anything in return.


  1. Offer content upgrades on your website, how can you provide even more value on a subject?

  2. Be a guest blogger

  3. Join facebook groups and get to know the people there, offer value as it’s needed

  4. Get interviewed on podcasts

  5. Host a webinar; create a webinar with massive value that solves a common problem in your niche

  6. Create awesome content- make your content STAND OUT… go big or go home.

  7. Answer questions; go into forums, groups or blog posts (like this one!) and leave a comment or answer people’s questions (make sure that type of engagement is accepted on the platform before you jump right in)

  8. Listen deeply to what others want and need, do not tell them what they need, listen to what they want and provide that to them in your offers


Don’t spread yourself thin. Broad is broke, riches are in the niches. Being specific with your visibility strategy is crucial to it’s success. You cannot be successful by trying to show up everywhere and be everything to everyone. Determine your niche, your message, your deliverables and your strategy. Be specific, decide and be choosy.


  1. Dominate ONE social platform

  2. Figure out who your ideal client is, market to them and work only with them

  3. Don’t follow a bunch of people online; pick 1-3 people you look up to and follow them, Following too many people will distract you, dilute your message and cause you to go into comparison mode.

  4. Stop mindlessly scrolling social media and start implementing on social media and using it to your advantage


Being kind and showing up as a friendly face will do wonders for your visibility and your own happiness. Spread joy always.


  1. Join Facebook groups and genuinely reach out to make real friends

  2. Interact with influencers and tell them how much you admire what they do

  3. Collaborate with others and seek to benefit THEM


Try new things, let your mind and imagination wander. If you are feeling burnt out or like you have plateaued during a particular activity or strategy try to implement something new that you never even thought would work for you or your business.


  1. If you are an online business then go to a local in person event or meet-up, getting out of the office and face-to-face can do wonders for your visibility

  2. Focus on the person who needs to hear you- create a new ideal client avatar; write a story about them and focus on them in all your online efforts

  3. Do the unexpected; get crazy and try something totally opposite of what you normally do or say

  4. Ask engaging, fun questions to your audience about food, entertainment, something silly in the media or about this shared human journey called life

  5. Give glimpses on works in progress, share your journey in all it’s imperfection

  6. Ask for feedback; if your not sure ask your friends, family or audience what they think

  7. Have you gotten boring? Put some variety inside your schedule or inside your content

  8. Practice writing engaging headlines that can’t be ignored


Be willing to be imperfect. The only way to push a project forward is to put it out there for feedback. Sometimes this requires you to be vulnerable and jump before you are totally “ready”. Being willing to be vulnerable dramatically increases your potential to be visible.


  1. Tell real stories (maybe even embarrassing ones)

  2. Get on live video

  3. Don’t fear negativity from others; if you are doing anything worth while you will have some haters, stay focused on your dreams


Stay on top of what is happening in your market. Keep yourself educated and find new ways to implement best practices.


  1. Optimize your site; outsource if needed to get your SEO on point

  2. Be aware and stay on top of emerging trends; subscribe to news blogs in your niche

  3. Keep updated; don’t have out of date stuff on any part of your online presence

  4. Survey your people; ask them what THEY want to hear about

  5. Understand your target audience and find out where they “hang out”, what they read, listen to and who they look up to

  6. Make your content sharable

  7. Put your biz on yelp or other local directories (even if you don’t have a traditional brick and mortar)

  8. Send out a press release about your business on

  9. Monitor your results; having insight into what is working and not working is a game changer

  10. Strategically place your opt-ins; at the end of blog posts, at the top of your website, half-way through blog posts as content upgrade, on your about page, in your side-bar, as a pop-up form


Don’t be afraid to claim your expertise, get your work out there and create meaningful relationships. Let your light shine and be a light for others!


  1. Get featured in media and publications

  2. Genuinely care and strive to create deep connections with others


Leave a comment with your favorite 1-3 visibility strategies (listed here or not!) that you are committed to taking action on this week!