How to Create An Online Quiz To Support Your Personal Brand Strategy

Creating an online quiz can be an amazing way to showcase your brand, attract ideal clients and get new leads. Plus, it's fun, interesting and content-rich without being too time-consuming, high-tech or confusing.

Using Interact to Create a Quiz

With Interact, you have the option of using a quiz template or designing your own, making the process simple. They even break all 100+ templates into focused industry and quiz categories. I decided to use a pre-created personality assessment to start. 

Once you decide which outline to use, you may replace the title, headings, responses, and photos with your own. Adding extra questions and responses is also a one-click process. Connecting the answer choices with the correct outcomes was also a straight-forward and intuitive process, and took under 2 minutes. You can even arrange the answers by clicking and dragging for added variety without worrying about the results getting mixed up. This also adds authenticity and credibility to the results.

Personal Branding Bonuses

As an added bonus for it’s a cinch to customize the font, button and background colors, add your logo, website address and more, which is essential to showcase your brand! The social share images, headings, and notifications can also be personalized so you can use your own tagline, language, and other aspects of your personal brand.

Building Your List and Other Features

As many solopreneurs know, setting up an opt-in form to collect email addresses allows you to keep in touch with your audience/tribe, provide value, and can ultimately lead to more abundance. Interact makes it easy to gather this info. You can also connect the quiz data to your own inbox, allowing you to understand and support your potential clients even more. This knowledge alone can lead to an increase of clients in the future. This quiz builder also lets you track quiz events with Google Analytics.

If you’re looking for a creative and interactive way to engage and build your tribe, I invite you to try Interact today!