How To Write A Tagline For Your Personal Brand

How To Write A Tagline For Your Personal Brand

Most likely you and everyone you know can think for a moment and recall a few famous taglines or slogans from popular brand advertising. Think, “Just Do It” or “You’re In Good Hands”. A tagline is a simple statement aiming to distil a brand’s unique value proposition into a few memorable words. 

Here are a few more big brands (with less known taglines) from inspiring companies I love:

  • Lululemon- Sweat Often. Smile Always

  • REI – Opt Outside

  • Yogi Tea- How Good Can You Feel?

  • Patagonia- Committed To The Core

  • Canon- With Canon You Can

What makes these taglines great? They are short, to the point, in each one there is an underlying promise of what the company will provide for you and each one speaks to its companies’ target customer values. Here is each one rewritten directly instead with the value promise and target market:

  • Lululemon- A positive workout experience for athletes

  • REI – A conscious decision to experience the outdoors for the nature enthusiast

  • Yogi Tea- A natural solution for the health conscious

  • Patagonia- An impeccable product for the avid adventurer

  • Canon- A high quality, simple product for novice and expert photographers

These larger companies have the existing brand awareness that allows their taglines to feel more like broad slogans. The taglines can’t stand-alone and be totally clear and relatable without some existing brand recognition. Although it is important to understand the power of these larger brand taglines, a broad slogan is not what YOU want to create for your personal brand. The challenge is, when you clarify the tagline by saying it the second way, as in the above, it is always a little more long-winded and not quite as inspiring, right?

So, as a personal brand how do you create a tagline that is inspiring, memorable and also clear?

When initially creating a brand message it is easy to make the mistake of creating a tagline that only describes what you offer, ie. “Wellness Coaching”. Or you just add a generic descriptor or adjective, ie. “Balanced Wellness Coaching”. However, the average person that comes to your website or reads your bio will be less than inspired and nothing will compel them to discover more about you. 

The most important aspect of a great tagline is that you describe the benefit inside the tagline. Answer the question “So what?”. What happens when someone works with your personal brand? What is the benefit? 

For example, some benefits of wellness coaching may be…

  • Have more energy

  • Feel attractive and confident

  • Motivation and Accountability

  • Heal from an existing disease

Describing the benefits of working with you is absolutely crucial to a compelling tagline and personal brand. 

Now that you have your offer and your offer’s benefits add in some of your brand’s existing flavor that appeals to your particular target audience. Perhaps your wellness coaching is for women in their 50’s and 60’s who have started to have minor health problems and lost the feeling of being a sexy and charismatic woman. Maybe your wellness business is a little edgy and your coaching style is provocative and adventurous. You want to get these women out of their comfort zone and give them a little fun so they start feeling better.  Your website colors are bold and daring, your images are wild and even your blog is a little outrageous. 

Put all that inside your tagline…

Pick an adjective that encompasses your business image, take the summary of your benefits and fuse it with your offer. What do you end up with? 

 “Spirited Wellness Coaching for a Vivacious Life”

It’s tagline magic! ☺ 

What is your tagline? Would you change or upgrade it after going through this process? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

Need some tagline assistance? Leave me a comment and I am happy to give you some feedback.