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If you’ve been thinking about starting your passion project but it seems confusing, you don't know where to start or you’re afraid to put yourself out there you are not alone.

It takes a lot of heart to launch your passion project but it doesn’t have to be intimidating or scary.

The Passion Project Plan will give you all the steps from day one and help you get your entire plan on your calendar so you can take the right actions

“This plan is so clear and detailed, but not overwhelming while still being ambitious.

It has been hugely helpful, I am ready, and this course came to me just at the right time! I couldn't have gotten this started on my own!”

~Jocelyn M.

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Stop procrastinating and get your passion project plan in place in just 5 days!


➔ The Entire 26 Step Plan to Launching Your Project and How Long Each Takes
➔ What Passions, Skills and Knowledge You Can Combine into a Profitable Project
➔ How to Find Your Target Audience or Profitable Niche
➔ What You Need To STOP Doing in Order To Create Unstoppable Confidence
➔ Which Online Platforms You Will Need to Execute Your Launch
➔ The Foundation of Creating A Stunning Visual Brand Identity
➔ What You Absolutely Need To Have on Your Website


✔️️ You're not sure what your passion project would be but it seems like something you'd LOve to do          

✔️️ You've Been Thinking about starting a passion project but it hasn't happened because you just don't even know where to begin    

✔️️ You started a passion project at one point but it became too Overwhelming and it hasn't really gone where you'd like it to        

✔️️ You have a passion project but you have been procrastinating on sharing it with the world or letting lack of confidence or lack of technical knowledge stand in your way            


The Truth About Your Passion Project

Why You Absolutely Need A Strategic Plan

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The Most Common Mistakes and What to Do Instead

Download The Passion Project Plan and Put The Steps In Your Calendar

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Q&A; I Answer All Your Burning Questions

“After one email I’m already in love with the way you write and excited to do this course. Your suggestion to make a plan, although seemingly obvious, is actually amazing advice. I feel way more empowered being able to see a list of the blog posts for the next year already planned out! Thanks again for creating this fabulous resource!”~Samantha H

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Over the last decade I have had the pleasure of working for giant personal brand names, including NY times best-selling authors Deepak Chopra and John Maxwell, as well as amazing executive coaches, wellness coaches, personal development teachers and innovative start-ups. In 2010 I partnered in the creation of a successful online marketing company and have participated in multi-million dollar online product launches.

Now, as a successful personal brand strategist, my mission is to keep inspiring others to share their unique gifts and talents, live abundantly, discover their tribe, have the freedom to be who they are with total confidence and to give them no-fluff shortcuts to making that happen with ease and grace.