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An E-Course for Babes who are Ready to crush it online

Build An Authentic Personal Brand Identity and Profitable Website In Only Two Weeks!

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IT took me literally years to figure out how to do my rebrand but now, thanks to nicolette, I Finally have a personal brand website that reflects me and my biz!...

"I am loving my new website! I've been getting some really great leads this week and things seem to be working!"

- Dr. Lynn K. Jones Executive Coach,

What's In the course?

  • Get your entire website powerfully written, beautifully branded and launched in 2 weeks even with no tech skills
  • Step-by-step (we are talking exact) tutorials to define your brand and build your own personal brand website 
  • Create Professional Graphics just like the ones on this page without Photoshop Skills on FREE, easy to use platforms
  • Create an Authentic Mission, Vision and Purpose
  • Clearly Define Your Target Audience and Niche
  • Create a Personal Brand Profile that is your compass and personal map to success
  • Amazing BONUSES for my VIP list!! The value here is unreal!
Testimonial - Headshot.png

i knew what I wanted career wise but did not know how to prioritize getting there ...

"But, thanks to Nicolette, I am totally clear on the direction of my personal brand as a yoga teacher and I realized that the action I needed to take was not as intimidating as I thought. Now I have reached several of my goals including running more retreats and adding more private clients!"

- Reba Gray- Yoga Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

+My biz is brand new, will this still work for me?

Yes! This course is set up for businesses at any stage that are ready to create an irresistible personal brand message, vision and strategy and brand or re-brand their personal brand website based on that.

Being brand new is great although you can be at any stage. The course is best for those who want a clearly defined personal brand profile and a gorgeous website they have complete control over and can change and update themselves.

+Shouldn't I just hire a designer to brand my website?

If you have the extra resources and very little time then you should absolutely work with an amazing web designer who can build your website. If you want to be able to update your own website on the fly with a new blog, new copy and images or a new product, event or service then I recommend building your own website using the step by step instructions in this course.

Also keep in mind this course not only gives you the exact technical steps to building your personal brand website and creating professional graphics on free platforms but it also teaches you how and gives you prompts to build your personal brand profile and write your website. This is something you would not get with a typical web designer.

+How will I access the course?

To access Your Abundant Brand you will log into a membership site where you can follow along with the lessons and download PDF worksheets, swipe graphics and text files.

+ What website hosting will I need?

This training was intended for those on Squarespace, it is low maintenance, fast and professional looking. Every single lesson regarding building your website is based on doing this within Squarespace on a specific template.

You can however, take the strategy and apply it to your own site on Wordpress, Wix, etc. or you can transfer your site over. The course does not teach how to transfer but Squarespace has a great article on how to do that right here.

+ How long will the course take?

The course was designed to encourage you to take action and to be completed in a two-week period. That suggested time is for people who are ready to build and have the time be devoted to this project full-time. Depending on where you are starting from, it may happen quicker or slower. You can certainly work on it as your time permits, go at your own pace and take as much time as you would like to finish the course. You will have lifetime access to the material.

+ Do I need to know code or be tech savvy?

NO! This course was built for those who struggle with the technical aspect. We give you all the information, swipe files, and easy to use training that you need to create a successful website. However purchasing this course does not include any one-on-one technical support


Amen sister!! I am pumped to build My IRRESISTIBLE personal brand!

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Hi, I'm Nicolette!

Over the last 10 years I have had the pleasure of working for giant personal brand names, including NY times best-selling authors Deepak Chopra and John Maxwell, as well as amazing executive coaches, wellness coaches, personal development teachers and innovative start-ups. In 2010 I partnered in the creation of a successful online marketing company and have participated in multi-million dollar online product launches.

Now, as a successful personal brand strategist, my mission is to keep inspiring others to share their unique gifts and talents, live abundantly, discover their tribe, have the freedom to be who they are with total confidence and to give them no-fluff shortcuts to making that happen with ease and grace.