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Personal Brand Confidence + Strategy

    You are a one-of-a-kind, with unique strengths and experiences. A one-size-fit-all guide just won’t do! You need a focused, personalized strategy to give you clarity on the right actions to take and to get your passions out into the world! You need a personalized program that gives you the 1-on-1 support and feedback you need to push you forward! 


    • Supercharge your confidence, get visible and show up for your purpose?
    • Create a life doing what you love?
    • Take focused action toward clarifying your personal brand message, identity and style without the overwhelm?
    • Launch or relaunch your personal brand confidently?


    • Clear and Consistent Messaging (Niche, Target Audience, Problem You Solve, Results You Deliver)
    • How to get clear on what you really want and making a plan to use your strengths and passions to start moving in the direction of your dreams
    • Visibility & Confidence in Your Value  // Getting un-stuck, breaking through limiting beliefs, and having a plan to show up!
    • Creating, Revising or Updating Your Personal Brand Mission + Your Outlining The Details of Your Core Offer
    • Creating an AMAZING freebie that is incredibly valuable and intuitively leads into your signature offer
    • Create an awesome follow up email sequence using email marketing to keep in touch with your subscribers and provide them with even more value and eventually direct them to your signature offer sales page.
    • Lead generation strategies to bring more traffic to your website

    Get the strategy and support you need to turn your big ideas into action plans.

    Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions so I can get to know you better. Once you submit your application, my team will be in touch about next steps.

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    What People are Saying....

    Testimonial - Headshot.png

    i knew what I wanted career wise but did not know how to prioritize getting there ...

    "But, thanks to Nicolette, I am totally clear on the direction of my personal brand as a yoga teacher and I realized that the action I needed to take was not as intimidating as I thought. Now I have reached several of my goals including running more retreats and adding more private clients!"

    - Reba Gray- Yoga Teacher

    I was able to write my free course content and I feel confident with my ideas. ...

    "Getting all the technical questions answered was invaluable and now I know my direction and how to move forward. I was able to write my free course content and I feel confident with my ideas. Nicolette was very supportive and helpful with all my questions, and I loved bouncing ideas off her. The sessions made me realize everything is not as hard as it seems, and I'm glad she inspired me to take action and create my course."

    - Kali Bliss-

    Testimonial - Headshot.png
    Testimonial - Headshot.png

    IT took me literally years to figure out how to do my rebrand but now, thanks to nicolette, I Finally have a personal brand website that reflects me and my biz!...

    "I am loving my new website! I've been getting some really great leads this week and things seem to be working!"

    - Dr. Lynn K. Jones Executive Coach,

    thanks to Nicolette i realized that the visual aspect of my brand was all wrong, and I've been able to create a new, stronger visual vibe that I absolutely love!

    "This knowledge has been a complete transformation for my brand that I can't wait to implement in the new direction of my business!"

    - Alissa Berry, Rainbow Flavored Socks

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    Extremely useful for gaining clarity and understanding in your entrepreneurship journey.

    Nicolette takes a unique approach to discovering your passions and purpose. Extremely useful for gaining clarity and understanding in your entrepreneurship journey. We not only learned a ton about the direction of our business but also learned way more about ourselves than we would have ever imagined. Nicolette is an excellent teacher and we highly recommend her. - Kelan Kline

    Your Personal brand strategist:

    Hi, I'm Nicolette!

    Over the last 10 years I have had the pleasure of working for giant personal brand names, including NY times best-selling authors Deepak Chopra and John Maxwell, as well as amazing executive coaches, wellness coaches, personal development teachers and innovative start-ups. In 2010 I partnered in the creation of a successful online marketing company and have participated in multi-million dollar online product launches.

    Now my mission is to give creative babes like you the no-fluff shortcuts to using your unique gifts and talents to create a clear, branded web presence and a strategy to share it confidently so you can live a wildly abundant life while helping others thrive.